Municipality of cervia

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Cervia is a tourist municipality located in Italy along the Adriatic coast, with about 30.000 inhabitants. Tourism is the predominant economic sector of Cervia, still very much based on seaside summer holidays, when the population raise from about 30.000 up to over 3 Mil individuals. For this reason, besides the local authorities’ typical functions, Cervia administration is very active in policies safeguarding and valorising the environment and its natural resources (sea, saltpans and pinewoods), as well as the historical-cultural heritage, as they represent its main features. Particular attention is paid towards the sustainable development, considering it in its wider meaning (economical, environmental and social). As local public administration, the Municipality of Cervia plays a key role in the involvement of stakeholders aimed at the participatory development of strategies and actions tailored on community’s needs. With regard tourism and economic activities, this dialogue has has become even more intense following the Covid pandemic. In fact the Administration implemented several activities of direct support to businesses which were particularly affected by pandemic restrictions, and is aware of their needs and weaknesses.

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