Project results

In the framework of UPREST three project results will be developed:

Map of the local training needs

project result 1

It will consists of (A) a set of local “maps” providing a detailed picture of the situation in terms of knowledge and skills, and related training needs, among the organisations of the sustainable tourism ecosystem and (B) a collection of best practices.

Training Package fostering digital skills in sustainable tourism

project result 2

It will be designed for C-VET providers both private as well as public ones (local authorities) but ultimately the learning contents will be addressing the actors of the tourism sector, such as staff of travel agencies, hotel, tourist agencies, natural parks, cultural centers, museum, etc. The package will include a specific set of Learning Outcomes (LO) and allocated time for each learning unit. It will include -2 face-to-face units -A peer review based unit -an assessment framework -a tutor’s manual aimed at facilitating the implementation of the Package

Guidelines for continuing follow-up activities on sustainable tourism

project result 3

It will consist of a set of practical indications for the local authorities or those organisations playing a policy or coordinating role towards target groups of the project.aimed at ensuring a successful long-term process of upskilling for a larger number of actors of the ecosystem and an upscaling of the process locally and regionally.

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