Municipality of vänersborg

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Vänersborgs Municipality is known to be the capital of Västra Götaland Region, with approximately 39 000 inhabitants. Vänersborg municipality is located next to the largest lake in Sweden called Vänern, which provides sustainable mobility opportunities for both people and goods at sea. The labour market in Vänersborg is characterized by diversity. The international industry is combined with tourism, local small and medium-sized businesses and qualified service production in both private and public sector. For the moment the municipality is the largest employer with 3600
employees, for the moment the unemployment rate is 10,3%. For Vänersborg municipality the economic sectors are represented by quality of life, security, health care and wellbeing, research and development, local administration together with transport and communication and trade. Since Vänersborg is a multidimensional city in terms of activities such as bandy, golf, ice hockey and much more, this gives the city a significant uniqueness and opportunity to through different aspects work with the socioeconomic, culture, social inclusion and integration perspective.

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